Creative Reminiscence

Creative Reminiscence is a Big Lottery funded pilot project in the South Birmingham area.  We deliver of a programme of workshops for people with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other people with memory and mental health issues.

The focus of the workshops is to explore and create personalised life story art that holds true meaning and reinforces powerful memories.

The workshops utilise varied design approaches to explore which techniques suit each client base. Using images, objects and the familiar environment, workshop facilitators work with the client to create compositions that they can add to, both with the facilitator and afterwards in their own time. In this way people are encouraged to create and discover metaphors, images and stories that symbolically represent the subjective and inner meaning of their lives.
Using a multi-sensory approach we guide participants to engage with the process and explore different approaches.
This will give them an opportunity to repeatedly reinforce their chosen theme and/or special memories. As part of this process, family and carers are consulted to help ascertain the important life events and experiences important to them. This creates positive interactions for people which in turn has a positive and enriching impact on their lives. We aim to celebrate successes, reinforce family bonds and friendships and teach creative skills that empower people to continue to tell their story in their own time and into the future.