Leaf Creative Arts use the arts and music to tap into what is important to people living with dementia and their carers as well as isolated people or people living with mental health issues. We encourage people to celebrate their individuality and explore their creativity through relaxed and informal sessions.


Rachel Duggan

Leaf Creative Arts Director

Rachel Duggan is a Birmingham based visual artist and community arts practitioner working across a range of mediums including drawing, printmaking, paint and sculpture. Her community focus is on outreach and engagement work, widening participation in creative expression by responding to the specific requirements of each participant. Fourteen years in teaching has given her valuable insight into managing education and training programmes which transfers into recent health and wellbeing projects working with vulnerable adults.  Rachel has established and managed projects that are designed to increase community wellbeing and tackle loneliness and isolation.


Carla Smith

Leaf Creative Arts Director

Carla is a trained illustrator and printmaker with experience of leading workshops within the local community. Recently Carla obtained a qualification in Dementia Studies from the University of Worcester and has worked and volunteered with The Alzheimer’s Society for the past two years. Carla has a strong belief that art, music and theatre can benefit a person’s wellbeing. Carla is also part of a collective of all-female djs called The Sugarfoot Stomp who play music from the 1920s to the 1960s. Combined with her interest in social history Carla plans to utilise both history and music within her reminiscence work. 

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